My passion to facilitate a positive change in people’s health has been a constant in my life. I began my career as a Nurse Midwife in Germany, which gave birth to a new interest in the body’s amazing ability to heal itself. This led me to an extensive study of herbs and natural remedies that promote healing and wholeness and the discovery of Bowen Therapy. By using light pressure on precise locations throughout the body, it relaxes and encourages the body to return to a more natural state of health and well-being. Internal Balance through External Touch.

By becoming a Professional Bowen Practitioner I strive to impact the lives of my clients using Bowen Techniques to relieve pain and restore balance to the body.  I have broadened my scope of practice to include the classroom. As an Associate Instructor, I also promote wellness by teaching key elements of this technique in a 4 hour Introductory Course into Bowen and its benefits.

Bowenwork is a simplistic and holistic approach to injury and accident recovery, chronic pain, and is the ideal choice for stress management and preventive care.

For detailed information about the Bowenwork method, see the www.bowenwork.academy

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Gisela Bosch,  Founder of Internal Balance